Monday, October 21, 2019

Purpose of Heart or Plan at Hand

When the purpose of the heart becomes more than just getting the job done, it's a wonderful thing to watch in our children.  

I will never forget the time Joseph went to feed the chickens. It was taking a little longer, so I looked outside, and what I saw brought a smile to my face. Four or more hens staring up at him through the fence, as he wiggled his body,  bobbed his head, flapped his arms, and made some type of sound that I'm sure he thought they understood.  Well they sure were as fascinated with him as I was – (or maybe just waiting for him to throw more food.)  

This simple act of childhood innocence in seeking to do more than feed, to care... reminded me of his name sake.

While serving his fellow prisoners and seeing their needs – Joseph stops and inquires because their continence is down.  This one caring question starts a tide of events that will forever change his life.  His insight arose from having a purpose of heart deeper than a near-sighted focus of accomplishing the plan at hand.

There is a BIG difference between the two and time will reveal which one we are living for. When the deeper purpose of heart is to please our Father – our steps are measured accordingly. The overflow of this will impact our relationship with others. 

Disappointments/interruptions/misunderstandings will all begin to fit like a glove, because whether it's a prison or palace – His presence and His pleasure are all that matters.

The plan at hand – is nearsighted, looking only to find fulfillment in it the present moment;  without the interference of man. It rarely looks for anything outside of the obvious, so many opportunities
to experience His presence and bring Him pleasure are missed. This is a very difficult way to live – because control always comes at a high price -seeking foremost what is in our HAND rather than His plan.

Memories of Joseph's chicken dance remind me that – a heart that serves in love, can not help but share itself with others.

You can give without loving; BUT you can not love without giving. ~Amy Carmichael

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