Friday, December 28, 2018

My Costco Card

When I go in public, I am really
not thinking about my “identity”
as a Mom with a special needs,
adult child. We just ARE, and
we just DO...and there are times
I realize that we stand out a bit.
Especially, when she starts
expressing her displeasure.

The other day, the sweetest thing happened.
We went to get a Costco card,
and as I rolled Anna over to
the blue background in her wheel
chair, and stood to take my
photo...the man taking it said,
“Let me get both of you in the
picture...bend down, and look up”

I did...and he did...and I realized
something. My identity is
very much wrapped up in this
posture, of caring and loving this
daughter of mine. We have
become inseparable, and this does
have an effect on how I look
at life. Its fitting that she is
pictured with me, 
on my Costco card.:)

And the more ONE we become
with what others count as
limiting circumstances, the
greater view we have, as my
heart bows down, and looks up.
Really, its a beautiful view from

that position.  And as I proceeded to
walk through the store, I am thankful
that my Heavenly Father 
had this picture in mind for me
 from the beginning.   

You are never to complain of your birth, your training, 
your employments, your hardships; never to fancy that you could be something if only you had a different lot and sphere assigned you. God understands His own plan, and He knows what you want a great deal better than you do. The very things that you most deprecate, as fatal limitations or obstructions, are probably what you most want. What you call hindrances, obstacles, discouragements, are probably God's opportunities. Bring down your soul, or rather, bring it up to receive God's will and do His work, in your lot, in your sphere, under your cloud of obscurity, against your temptations, and then you shall find that your condition is never opposed to your good,
 but really consistent with it.~Horace Bushnell

"That's another truth that enables me to keep going.  Whatever strings are broken in our lives--we can still play beautiful music with what we have left.  In fact, it will be music that no one else can play in the the same way."
~ Joni Eareckson Tada

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