Thursday, August 15, 2019

Going to WAR

After being gone for nearly a week, our garden looked like a jungle when we arrived back. Rain the day before was a gift to our hard soil. It made weeding the larger clumps of grass easier to pull up in large masses.  It also made us sink into the wet grass and soil, covering us all over with mud and dirt. 

This business of gardening is not for the faint of heart! As I looked across at Whitney, I noticed on her face a mud line under one eye, and then the other. Pointing to her face, I asked 

What's with that?” 

“I'm going to war on the weeds” was her reply. 

Yes, this was the attitude we needed to take to have victory over this forest....knowing that beneath this jungle, was a garden!:-)

Going to war on the weeds. It may not always look like war paint of mud, but its face is set like a flint. Our life is very much like this garden of ours. 

Cultivating it is a daily task, and we will pay the price, if we do not tend it. If we treated “thoughts” like we should weeds...there would be a great harvest of fruit, flowing from our lives.

Sometimes, we find ourselves looking at a “jungle” due to our lack of tending the smaller weeds. But God's mercy comes in and rains on us, helping the hardness to give way to pulling

Remember, His mercy does not mean less effort will be given to us, but His enabling grace will allow us to endure. Pulling up, will always be our part. Endurance in hope, will allow us to go to war on these areas in our life.  We really do not want anything that will choke out being rooted and established in His love.

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